Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Taking the best of Google search engine

Google is probably the best web search engine and it will continue to evolve (new products and all that like blogspot). If you are not an advanced Internet user or you don't know a few tips you might be missing a gold mine. Google is special useful when you set more parameters, e.g. when I need to search for a specific error on Microsoft's website I just search in this way "error name" "event id", by adding the site: you are specifiying that the results should only belong to the site you are specifying.

There are much more intresting type of searches and guess what it's explained on another Google site, as it is Youtube.

As I like Tokyo Jihen I just searched [ "intitle:index of" "Tokyo Jihen" mp3 -xxx ] et voila, downloaded Toumei Ningen good song, although I prefer the Live version which is available on youtube.


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