Friday, January 7, 2011

Script to get disk configuration - An Alternative to Disk Manager. (faster, easier, logged)

Here's a very handy script when you need to capture the Disk Configuration of a server. Let's say you can Dynamic Disks, and you need to know how many LUNs are making a Windows OS Disk.

REM I stole this code from my good greek friend. I hope he doesn't get angry, anyways I gave him some ideas so he shouldn't :)

@echo off

if exist "%systemroot%\system32\diskpart.exe" set dskprt=%systemroot%\system32\diskpart.exe
if "%dskprt%" EQU "" goto END

echo list disk>dskprt_script.doc
echo list volume>>dskprt_script.doc

%dskprt% -s dskprt_script.doc>%computername%_diskpart.doc

set /a cd=0
set /a cv=0

findstr /c:" Disk " %computername%_diskpart.doc>dskprt_temp.doc
for /f %%a in (dskprt_temp.doc) do (
set /a cd+=1
set /a cd=%cd%-2

findstr /c:" Volume " %computername%_diskpart.doc>dskprt_temp.doc
for /f %%a in (dskprt_temp.doc) do (
set /a cv+=1
set /a cv=%cv%-2

del dskprt_temp.doc

del dskprt_script.doc
for /l %%a in (0,1,%cd%) do (
echo select disk %%a>>dskprt_script.doc
echo detail disk>>dskprt_script.doc
%dskprt% -s dskprt_script.doc>%computername%_disk.doc
del dskprt_script.doc
for /l %%a in (0,1,%cv%) do (
echo select volume %%a>>dskprt_script.doc
echo detail volume>>dskprt_script.doc
%dskprt% -s dskprt_script.doc>%computername%_volume.doc
del dskprt_script.doc

echo Regards to Bistakis Pig.


Make sure it's working the way you want.
And compare the result logs and running the diskpart commands manually (as some diskpart.exe version did have a bug and it didn't worked correctly using diskpart /script option).

Alternatives but not as good to get LUNs configuration:
wmic partition list /format:htable >disk.html
wmic logicaldisk list /format:htable >logicaldisk.html


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