Friday, April 8, 2011

Migrate/Copy CIF Share on EMC Celerra between two filesystems

I was doing a robcopy of all the files to be moved.
But there's a faster method, which is still file level based:
server_archive server_2 -r -w -J /fs1_casa /fs2_casa

Tested on the Celerra Simulator, worked like a charm,
Update: tested on my work environment worked fine.

So next step is to update a network share (CIF Share) to the new path:
The next example will point Shared folder Share1 which is currently pointing to /fs1_casa/Share1 to /fs1_casa/Share10, the netbios option is to mark that server as the only owner of that cif share:

server_export server_2 -P cifs -n Share1 -option netbios=CIFSERVER1 /fs1_casa/Share10
Worked fine.


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