Sunday, February 7, 2016

SRT to VobSub

I bought a TV: Panasonic ET60 very nice but it does not handle subtitles very well, or I mean it is very limited (very small font, and not possible to change colors)

The solution would be to either hard copy the subtitles or use vobsub subtitles (idx+sub / vobsub is supported on this TV, I guess many DVD players and other Smart TV would be in the same conditions).

So I found two good solutions txt2vobsub or subtitlecreator.
I prefer subtitlecreator because the fonts look slightly better, but maybe that just me.
And finally use mkvmerge (incredible tool) to pack all together.

So I created two scripts, one for each case, you would need to download/extract and add that directory to your path (System environment) or you could copy all the files everytime.
Then copy for each case the .cmd to the directory where you have the movie and subtitle.
The script will look for .mp4 and .srt (same filename). You could edit or rename based on your preference.

(if you want to modify the font and size: for txt2vobsub just edit the batch fule and replace the name, I think it is set to Arial 24, if you want do this for SubCreator go to the data subfolder, edit the profile.xml, edit colors by changing the palette colors in hex format, this will also let you position the subtitle as required, with these settings it will work for 720p movies in general).

Download link:!GdsFAIJZ!PYvbKNfWL_ZpVEfTJogn2w


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