Monday, June 23, 2008

OpenSSH over Windows

I've used it a long time ago, although it's not very common it's still a cool tool to use.
OpenSSH same as Telnet but secure.

As Secure Shell connections can be encrypted the information sent could be secured if properlly configured.
There are many flavours,
Vshell (paid)

OpenSSH only
As this only uses port 22, only text it can work with slow speed connections and still having fun.
So many times I had use it just to access a machine with an MSN text based client because no other ports were opened at work.

You can also try to use it along with VNC to encrypt VNC password and have a securer Remote Controller free of charge.

Update: I've been using RemotelyAnywhere at work and it's really a good tool (not always, but it works). The good thing is taht it's all included in one.
You probably know, it's the same company.
SFTP, Remote Control, SSH among other things in one tool. I suggest you to take a look


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