Friday, June 20, 2008

Unattended / Customized Windows Installation

If you have been working around with SCSI devices /Storage controllers and their Hard Disks you may have encountered with a few issues about how to handle Windows Installation.
Most of the cases you can just use a Floppy disk with the right drivers.
Sometimes you may have not, like on HP Proliant ML110 where those piece of crap didn't come with a Floppy drive and you had to Buy one. On those cases you could also use USB Floppy drives, a few where compatible others not, it depends on which chips were used on them (making them being capable of be detected during Windows Installation by pressing F6 to add a driver).
A better way would be to bunddle the drivers on I386 folder of your Windows installation.
A technique I know since NT4.0, but nowadays easier to compile.

I've got the lucky to use this tool : (definitely 'a must have')
It let's you configure an unatteneded installation, which saves you a lot of time.

There's plenty of information, my bible in this case is

A los que les gusta el Windows XP en castellano (que no es mi caso) pueden utilizar esta versión de instalación desasistida que me recomendo mi amigo Simkin: Colossus XP
Realmente muy bueno, el único problema es que prefiero todos los OS en inglés.


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